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Saturday, April 16, 2011

And the Band Played On

I got the second band of the Tea Time Basket done! I am making the lining. I have about one third of it sewn to the basket. It is a tightly woven basket and not easy to stitch the band to. Then I have to sew the bands to the basket and it will be done done done. Yea!
It is Saturday and I am good, I went to pilates this morning. It is rainy and yucky out today. I want to kit up some stash for when I am traveling. I have some new small things that would be perfect for the airport or plane stitching.
I have this stuff I make at Christmas. You just melt white chocolate chips and pour it over broken pretzels, broken oreos and peanuts. I saw an etsy shop with similar goodies and got an idea to try a variation of my Christmas stuff. I had some mint chocolate chips that I bought at Christmastime by accident. I melted them and poured them over broken pretzels, animal cookies and mini flavored marshmallows. It's good believe it or not. Of course, DH won't touch it. On another blog I saw a recipe from the book "Small Batch Baking" and was intrigued. That's what I need. There are only two of us and most times making a batch of something like biscuits, I end up throwing away all but two of them. So I ordered that book. Of course it could be dangerous to be able to make just two brownies.

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  1. Thank you for your generous offer, Amy. The camera I have - a Canon Power Shot SX10 is very good. It does about as much as a camera can do with a stationary lens. I'm looking for a DSLR that allows for special lenses. That's what the Rebel has.

    Thank you for thinking of me!