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Thursday, April 14, 2011

To the Left

I finished the right section of the second band of Tea Time Basket. I have no idea what "ancora imparo" means. I think it tells what it means in the directions somewhere. So on to the left section. I have a good start. I want to do all the easy and quicker parts first before the eyelets and queen stitches.
I sewed the pin keep together. So I have three parts of the BRSB done. I started the second pocket and changed the hemstitching thread. I think it looks neater to use the pearl cotton. I should get my airplane tickets and hotel reservations for this trip in June. It's hard to think about it when I have two trips to go on (Celebrations and Alex's Wedding) before that.
We ordered some new towels. Our old ones are thin and worn out. It is great that at eleven o'clock at night when you take a shower and decide that you need new towels, you can just go on the Internet and buy some. Then decide your kid needs some too and get some sent to him. Although in some ways it is too easy to spend money on a whim (or when you're mad, or when you're excited...etc).
Exercise class has been packed this week. You would think it was January.
I like Beyonce's song "To the Left" I may download it. I downloaded Paul Simon's new album but haven't listened to it yet. It got a good review in USA Today. I'm not sure I like any of this year's Idols. I missed the last few minutes of Top Chef Masters so I don't know who went home.

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