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Friday, April 15, 2011

Very Nearly

I am very nearly done stitching the second band of the Tea Time Basket. I have only a strawberry full of queen stitches and eyelets (over 2 ugh) to do. I will be proud of myself when I get this all done. That is what we are taught to say to kids at school who show us their work, "you must be very proud of yourself". Then I can work on BRSB's second pocket which I find very enjoyable.

I went to the mall. I shouldn't have gone. I was feeling like spending money. But Macy's had a sale - on a Diana ring. I got the one I bought on ebay. I like it but it is too big. So I went to Macy's to see if I like the one they had on sale better. I liked it enough to buy it. Then I had to walk down to the Christopher & Banks store to see if the shorts they had were still on sale. Tops and bottoms (nearly everything in the store) was 50% off. So I went crazy. But I got a lot of stuff for not a lot of money. I needed to replace many of my old ratty tops anyway. I looked for something special to wear to Alex's wedding but didn't find anything good enough to try on. (It would have to be very nice for me to want to try it on!)

I have an appointment to get my hair trimmed next Tuesday. I like to do that before I go on a special trip. I have three trips in the next month or so. I am excited about Celebrations coming up so quickly. I just saw that they have a Midwest show planned for September. Hmmmm...

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