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Sunday, April 3, 2011

To the Mermaid

Yes! I made it to the mermaid. The bad news is that I discovered a mistake in the border. I am not going to change it. It is what it is. I have only a few more stitches to finish the left of center section. Queen stitch strawberries and a sailor. Then on to the right of center section which also has a mermaid at the end.
I am nearly finished with the saying on side two of the box. I think I have a motif for the circle. That is my goal for the day: to get the motif done, so that side two will be finished.
I watched the whole first disc of In Treatment. Not much on TV Saturday afternoons or evenings.
It is chicken in the crock pot today. Easy-peasy.
I loaned a set of my phonics practice readers (books) to another mentor and she used them each week with her mentee who has a speech impediment and difficulty reading. He made great progress with the readers and now needs the next set. I am so glad the readers can help. My friend Donnie is also using a set with her mentee. They are short enough that the kids don't mind reading them. Especially if you give them a piece of your old leftover Halloween candy.
I didn't get to reading yesterday. I told myself that at 4:30 I would stop and read for half an hour. But I was heavily into stitching - almost done with something - so I didn't stop. I definitely am going to take some time to read today. I already finished my Sudoku.

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