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Thursday, April 7, 2011


I can't find my bias tape maker doo-hickey. It drives me crazy when I can't find something. I know I have it. It exists somewhere. Just not anywhere I have looked. So I gave in and after aerobics I stopped by Jo-Ann's to get a new one. But they didn't have the right size. ARGH. So now do I go to the other fabric store? Probably. I want to edge my Tea Time Basket band with bias tape made from the lining fabric. I am making slow progress on the second band. I had to frog the over-one saying several times. But now that is done and I am on to the vine which is going much faster. While I was looking for the doo-hickey, I ran across a bag of round robin kits from Celebrations 2009. I tried to sort them into "Yes, I'd like to make this someday" and "No I probably won't make this but I'll keep the linen and floss". The remaining round robins from last year are still on my sewing room floor. I'm a slob. Just seeing the kits reminds what fun it is to get a bunch of little projects. Celebrations will be so fun - 19 days!
Looking for the doo-hickey helped me clean out a few things. School stuff that I never use I need to donate to Halona's school or my old school. I made some piles of stuff. What am I going to do with 34 maps of the world to color?

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