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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Perfect Day

Yesterday was a perfect day. I got done with the bathrooms 15 minutes early. (I have it timed. It takes an hour and a half to do both of them, but I can only start when DH gets his lazy behind out of bed!) Then I got in a little stitching time before going to see Halona. She liked making crepe paper flowers and asked me to bring it back next week. Then we got three things we ordered in the mail. I love mail. And lastly, we went out to eat at a pizza joint where I had a rootbeer float for dessert. Oh, then I came back to watch Dancing With the Stars. Wasn't Kirsty's outfit awful?!?
I finished the top of the pyn pillow but when I got done I realized that I had used the WRONG COLOR for the initals and around the bird. No way am I going to take it out. I like the color around the bird, makes it look like a bird cage. I am thinking of stitching another top and getting the colors right this time. But I'm not sure what I will do. I made the panels that go behind the pockets. It sure takes a long time to do the lacing and sewing on the magnets that will hold the box closed. I still have to sew the pockets to their backing panels. It is a rainy day. I got my hair trimmed and so I am ready for my trip. 7 days!

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