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Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Warm Sunday

SJB asked about the website for GPA.  I usually go to the Annie's Festival website and find a link to GPA but I looked the direct address up just for you SJB!  It is  
I made good progress on several projects yesterday.  I finished off the Merry Cox sewing purse by putting on the thread winder holder and ribbon.

I also started the scissors/needle book part.  I got the front all pieced.

 It is badly done and I remember why I'm not good at quilting.  I'm too impatient.  Why pin when I can hold it while I sew it on the machine?  Well, it never turns out nice and neat with seams matching up and even pieces, that's why.  So the piecing is a bit wonky but then it gives it that homemade feel.  Anyway, I need to add the inside stuff to it today to truly be done, the scissors pocket, needle page and pin cushion.

 There are only the barest of directions so I'm trying to figure out what the plastic quilt templates are for.

I finally got all the pomegranate stitched so I can go on to the backstitching with metal thread.   That's my goal today, to get all the backstitching done.

I started something new!  I put some stitching in Christmas is Coming.  It's a class through Shining Needle Society by Barbara Jackson.

 Did I baste?  Well, I started to and then decided it was a waste of my time and quit in favor of really stitching.
It is a warm Sunday.  54 degrees when I went walking.  Yesterday was half that, 27 degrees.  I love that there was no ice or snow on the trail.

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  1. you have inspired me and for that, I thank you. I am stitching a piece that has a lot of specialty stitches that I have tried and tried to do but I can't seem to master some of them. I have decided to substitute some that I know I can do for the ones I can't do and make it my design. I not sure that makes sense but hopefully you get what I mean. All of the things you do are so pretty and I wouldn't begin to try them. Have a great time in Williamsburg.

    Barbara in OKC