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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tickled Pink

Here is the baby gift so far:

It is easy stitching but I have been working mostly on other things.

The doll for Claire did come yesterday.  She has a hair net on so her hair stays nice.

I was thrilled.  I got out the doll I bought 20 years ago when the doll came from The Pleasant Company to compare how the dolls have changed.

 I think the eyelashes are definitely different.  But I am happy with Claire's doll and her outfits.  One has cross stitch on it, really!

When I was at The Attic I had the opportunity to get a Merry Cox kit so of course I did.  I think Merry Cox is a great friend of The Attic and that's why they had the kits.

The French General is a store in Los Angeles.  I've never been there but I would love to go.  I have made a couple of their bracelet kits.  I admire the fabric they design for Moda.  I love reading about their annual trip to France to stay in a Chateau and go to markets and find wonderful treasures.  They also have workshops.  I saw where Merry was going to teach a sewing purse and scissors case at French General.  I couldn't go but knew it would have been fun.  Then when I was at The Attic, they had the leftover kits (I assume).  I snapped one up.  I was tickled pink to be able to make the class project even though there is no cross stitching involved.  The project is made using French General's Le Bouquet Francais.  That's the same line that I used to make the Remains of the Day box.

So I've started the kit.  I have enough of it pieced together and the next step is to quilt my little rectangle.

 I'm sure Merry did hers all by hand.  I'm using the sewing machine as it won't get done for a decade if I do it by hand.
Have a happy Saturday!


  1. Ooooo, I love the doll.
    It looks more like the old-fashioned kind.
    Claire will love it, I'm sure!
    The Merry Cox kit is very pretty.

  2. Lovely doll. I am envious of Claire! I do like your kit too, lucky you!