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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

For Torrie

I have another finish of one of the things I bought at Shepherd's Bush.  I bought two fob kits that are store exclusives which means you can only get them from Shepherd's Bush.  They put out a new scissors fob every year.  They are sweet quick stitches.

I changed a couple of things.  I put different ribbon around it.  The kit ribbon seemed a bit bright.  Then I changed just a stitch here and there in the words.  I think it is very sweet.  I sewed the sides together using my sewing machine.

I saw my friend Torrie at the Attic classes and she asked me about the colors I used on Sew Darling, the Jackie exclusive from the Attic.

 So here are the colors I used:
Gloriana Twilight (lower part of the pansy, I don't know what I used on the upper part)
Gumnuts 326 in the kit (Bluebells below pansy)
Gloriana Narcissus (yellow flower, bud. border single stitch)
Florimell Silver green (vines and leaves of roses)
Olivine in the kit(Other stems)
Gumnuts 328 in the kit (small blue flowers above pansy)
Gloriana Raspberry Parfait (Rose, bud)
Gloriana Robin's Egg (blue carnations at top)
Gloriana Wood Pond (border)
Please be advised that I picked the colors based on what was within reach of my sewing chair.  So these are lazy color choices.  But I am happy with how it all turned out.  I am still looking for the perfect needle page wool color.
Two weeks until Williamsburg!!


  1. Soooo pretty. Though I always find all those color changes in SBs annoying. Something about 4 stitches, change color, 3 stitches, change color, 1 stitch, change color,.... drives me bonkers. They are so lovely though I end up getting sucked in.

  2. I'll see you in Williamsburg!!