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Monday, November 17, 2014


We spent last Monday in Sedona.  It felt chilly when I woke up.  Must have been 50 or so degrees.  (Here on Saturday it was 14 degrees, so it's all relative)  We took the recommendation of our hotel clerk and went to old town Cottonwood for breakfast to the Red Rooster.  I was amazed as I was able to get the exact breakfast I wanted with a cinnamon roll thrown in for good measure.  The restaurant had interesting decor.  Order numbers were on vintage potato mashers.
We drove to Sedona which wasn't very far away.  We saw a bead store and stopped.  I needed some beading thread to be able to finish up the scissors rest from Saturday's class.
I walked a block up the street to the Sedona Library.  It is a very nice new library.  They had a fundraising  auction going on for ornaments and wreaths.  It was fun to see all the entries.  If you judge a place by it's library, this would be a nice place to live.
There was a quilt store and it was fun to see what they had.
Today was all about shopping.  Of course you have to park your car which proved to be a challenge in downtown Sedona.  We found a prime spot but it wasn't easy.  I got a laugh when I saw a shop advertising Mackinac Island fudge.  We are quite a ways from Mackinac Island to be sure!
I wanted to do what we did last year:  have a pina colada out on the patio of this restaurant and look at the scenery.  But, alas, things change.  The person working the bar didn't know how to make pina coladas.  So we made do with pizza and water out on the patio.  It was still nice.  It was warm and we got a nice table out of the sun.  BFF heard there had been a big snow storm in her town that day.  So we really enjoyed being in warmth.  We will be back to cold weather soon enough.
My goal was to get DH a shirt that was dyed with the red rocks as a souvenir.  I found one but it was a fake one.  That's okay, I don't want to dye my other clothes red by accident in the washer.
We scoured the town for special rocks, turquoise and jasper.  When we were pooped from shopping we drove around to see the scenery but it got scary when we were driving very near a gorge.  We were also afraid of getting lost as both my BFF and I are "directionally challenged".  So we went back to Cottonwood where we shopped their old town.  There are lots of wine tasting places, a few rock stores and antique stores there.  We went to the quilt store we visited last year.  I'm glad we didn't go to Jerome.  It is up on the side of a mountain and the road getting there is very scary.  I was able to check another thing off my list:  a hot dog at Sonic.  It was a guilty pleasure.
We went back to our hotel.  I wanted to watch "Dancing with the Stars".  But I was out of luck, the hotel didn't get ABC.  Oh well.  I watched PBS instead and really enjoyed Worricker.  Tomorrow is all about getting home.


  1. I have been to Sedona many times. My favorite place is the artsy place kinda in the center of town. I can't remember the name but it starts with a T. There is a shop in there that has the neatest copper jewelry. You didn't miss much by not seeing Jerome. It is unique by the way it is perched on a hill but the time I was there I didn't find any cool shops. I'm going to have to check out Cottonwood. Isn't that where McCain is from?

    Sonic's headquarters are here in OKC. Love their hotdogs.
    !!! and tater tots.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Hope you show all your purchases tomorrow.

    Barbara in OKC ( I hope this goes through I"m not tech savy and a lot of my posts don't publish)

  2. I visited Sedona a couple of years ago before taking a class at the Attic... Great fun taking a Pink Jeep tour of the area including some very steep climbs and descents quite close to the edge of the Canyon. The scenery is spectacular!