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Friday, November 14, 2014


Day Three
We have made it to our hotel in Phoenix. The classes we are going to are held right at our hotel.   We have until 2 p.m. until class starts for BFF, as I have already taken this class.  So what do we do?  Shop, of course.  We want to cross a few things off of our list today.  First, shopping at the Attic.  We are already feeling a bit guilty since we spent money at Shepherd's Bush.  But I still have a few things on my list that I am looking for.  We get to The Attic about 20 minutes before it opens.  So we check our the cupcake shop nearby, Sugar Lips.  We manage to not give into temptation since we just had breakfast.  The Attic opens and it isn't crowded and we can shop to our heart's content.

I manage to do major damage to my credit card but I find a lot of things I wanted.  So fun.  They are out of a few things.  I want the Anne Hathaway needlebook designed by one of the ladies at the shop.  She says she will bring more in tomorrow.
My friend Laurie told us about an exhibit at the Chandler Center for the Arts.  So we set off to find it.  A few wrong turns later we locate it.  The parking is a nightmare.  It is also hard to find the right door to go in.

 Then we see the exhibit but the grid is in place like it's not open.  We can peek through the grid but not get in.  Rats.  Salley Mavor has two pieces in the exhibit that I really wanted to see.  Oh well.  So we take off again in search of another thing on my list, The Fractured Prune.  BFF hasn't been there before so I really want her to have a chance to try a donut.  We find it!  Nobody is in there.  I guess not many people have donuts for lunch.  Except us.

There are several flavors that tempt us but we exert great self control and only have one each.  (Cherry Chocolate)  Although we lick our plates to get every last morsel.    We are running short on time and head back to the hotel.  But we make a quick stop at The Cabbage Rose, a quilt shop we went to last year.  I love all their fabric.

BFF goes to class and I come down at 5 as there is a rumor that the designer will have a small boutique of her designs.  I snag a design that I haven't seen before.  Cool.
I get a chance to dip my toes in the hotel's outdoor pool.

 It is like summer here.  I love it.  You don't need a coat, you can wear shorts, the sun is shining.  I'm not managing to get on Phoenix time.  9 p.m. is my bedtime.  You would think I'm old or something.  It has been another fun day.  Class tomorrow!


  1. You gave me some ideas for where to visit the next time I'm in Phoenix. I can't wait to see your stash and to hear about the classes you took.

    Barbara in OKC

  2. You are always on the go!
    Glad you had fun and got some stash you were looking for.