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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

DH and I often say to each other how lucky we are.  This is especially true today.  On our refrigerator is this:

It is Claire's hand made into a turkey.  We are thankful for our family and especially for Claire.

I am very thankful that I get to stitch.  In my sewing room I had a disaster the last week.  I had a Salty Yarns bag that was full of stuff I bought this year.  It tore.  It was over full and one side gave way spilling out half of the bag.  So I found another bag.  It is a bag that we were given at the Silver Needle Retreat.  I put the Salty Yarns bag in recycling and filled up the Silver Needle bag.

 How lucky am I to have so much stuff that I like to do.
I am lucky to have met many other stitchers from all over the world through this blog.  I am thankful for your kind words and encouragement.  I am thankful to have cyber friends to share my stitching with.  I'm thankful for opportunities to take stitching classes.  I'm thankful for my BFF who goes with me to classes.

Thank you for reading my blog.


  1. Dear Amy ,
    Thank you for delighting us with all your beautiful accomplishments!��

  2. Your Turkey is too darn cute.
    I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and seeing all of your great projects.
    You amaze me on what you accomplish.
    Thanks for sharing your work with us.

  3. I am so VERY THANKFUL you are my friend, my inspiration, my mentor and that you are so very willing to go stitching and adventuring with me. Off we go again next week -- can't wait! -BFF