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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I'm Back

I had a great time on my trip.  Wow, it was packed with fun stuff.  BFF and I are back to our respective states just a little worse for wear.  BFF is having a crown glued back in this morning and I've already been to the chiropractor.
Let me start at the beginning.  My first flight was delayed but only by 20 minutes or so.  But it made catching my second flight iffy.  Luckily I got to the gate just as the last few people were boarding.  I was just about the last person on the plane but I was so happy to have made it.  Whew.  We got to Salt Lake City.  It is a small airport.  We rented a car.  Our goal was to get to Shepherd's Bush and shop.  But first we made a stop in Salt Lake City at Sweet's Candy.  After only 2 or 3 wrong turns we found it. This is what we saw at our first wrong turn.  We didn't see Robert Redford though.

 I know I shouldn't have gotten so much candy.

They have my very favorite taffy there, Cherry Cola, and my second favorite, Eggnog.  But then they had more stuff that I got too.  There were some dark chocolate covered pecans that are fabulous.  I kind of went overboard.  I'm a little embarrassed to admit this to you, but I brought along an extra bag just for the candy.
After the candy extravaganza, we headed to Ogden.  It is a pretty quick drive and we didn't have any trouble finding it.

 Oh, it looks just like the pictures I have seen of it.  Teri was there rearranging some models on the wall.

  It was great looking at everything they had. This is the front nook.

There were so many models.  The sunny front window:

 We got some shop exclusive kits.  BFF and I both wanted this sweet little heart kit that they were out of.  You could get almost any Shepherd's Bush kit you wanted.  They sure have designed a ton of kits over the years.  We spent a long time looking in every nook and cranny.  What fun!  It was great to shop there when it wasn't busy and being able to take our time.  Teri has the most wonderful personality.  She is so positive and sweet.  I heard her talking on the phone and she just says the nicest, kindest things.  And wouldn't you know, she managed to kit up the sweet little heart kit that we wanted.  She even drove over to Jill Rensel's shop and got the hand painted mats that go in the kits.  We were thrilled!  BFF and I had the best time and bought lots of good stash.

We can check that off our bucket list.  We have been to Shepherd's Bush.
Next we went looking for Jill Rensel's studio.  We had the address.  A couple of around the blocks and we located it.  But there is no sign.  Is it open?  We tried the door.  Locked.  Oh.  We knocked and she answered.  Maybe she just works there and it isn't really an open store.  She was gracious and talked to us and we saw some of her work in progress.  And of course her dogs were there.
We can check that off our bucket list too.
 We checked into our hotel and found that it is officially haunted.  We decided not to ask about the haunted stories until tomorrow so we wouldn't be scared to sleep there.
So now we are starving.  I took a recommendation off a blog to eat at Red Rooster.  We went looking for the restaurant.  A couple more wrong turns and around the blocks.  We found it but right next door is a store called Needlepoint Joint.  Of course we had to look around there.  We didn't buy anything but it was fun to look at their stuff.  They had lots of Inspirations magazines.
We had a great dinner at the Red Rooster.  They make their own rootbeer (with free refills!), yum.
 We had the appetizer, What a Crock and split two entrees when we couldn't decide.
We went back to the hotel and looked at the things we bought.    What a fun day!


  1. I bet that was a fantastic time.
    Thanks for sharing the pics.
    My dream is to go there someday. :)

  2. How great that you got to visit both Shepheard's Bush store and Jill Rensel's place! WOW!!! Great photos, thank you for sharing.
    love Annette