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Friday, November 21, 2014


It is a nice Friday and the sun is shining and the stupid snow has finally quit coming down.  I've been to the Y (third time this week) and the walking is done.  We are supposed to get an inch of freezing rain but I'm not going to worry about that until it happens.  So there.

I tried a new purple and a new yellow for the baby gift.  So far it's good.  You'll have to guess what the name is as I work on it.

Here is another scissors fob from Shepherd's Bush.
Okay, so when I went to take a photo of this, I couldn't find it.  I'll add a photo if I manage to find it.  I found the ribbon that is supposed to go on it.

 I disguised the fact that I ran out of the green thread by putting the button and a bow where I ran out.  Then on the front I misread the chart and did the sawtooth border the wrong way.  So I filled in with another color to disguise that mistake.  I'm not sure I like the ribbon that is supposed to go on the edge.  I think I want to put on twisted cording instead.

I decided that since I signed up for the new Amy Mitten tutorial that I ought to get busy on the last tutorial and get it done.  And no, I don't have that cornflower one done either.  Anyway,  I finished up the back of the pomegranate and started on the front.

I think the doll that I ordered for Claire for Christmas will come today.  She doesn't know what a treat it is for me to give her this doll.

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  1. I love that ribbon that goes with the SB fob! I have some like it in my stash. :D