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Saturday, November 15, 2014


Day Four:
Has it already been a week since my first class?  It is fun to remember what I was doing last Saturday.  I was in class all day.  It is very fun to be around other stitchers.  I love Laurie's necklace.  She designed it herself.  I want to do one too.

There are familiar faces and new friends and old friends.  I love that moment when you get a pristine new kit with all the stuff you need in it.  This happens to be the first time the designer is teaching the class but she is very prepared.  This design is repetitive so it is important to set up the base stitches correctly.  This design is unusual as much of it is over 5 threads.  I'll have to get used to that.  Then we do some beading.  I'm not very good at beading.  But this exercise proves to be very helpful.  I have started Thistle Threads Needlework Nibble for a Casket Basket.  But I got stuck and all the parts are still sitting in a box.  I don't know how to proceed.  The beading we do today may help me figure out what to do next on the Casket Basket.
Laurie asks if we went to see the Art Quilts exhibit.  I explain it was closed when we went there. She tells me that no, it wasn't!  Laurie was there and saw it - you just had to go in a different door.  I'm an idiot as I didn't figure that out and there was no one there to direct us.  Rats.  We don't think we will have a chance to go back.

In class we also try cutting some perforated paper.  It looks easy but it is not.  I mess up my practice piece.  It is good too, to try and figure out which tool works best for you.  I try special scissors and a small mat as well as an exacto type tool.  I think the exacto tool works best.

After class there is a dinner at The Attic.  On the way to the store we see the bead store we went to last year, Creative Destinations, and we just have to stop.

 They have some special tulip needles, we all have to get some. They come in a tiny test tube.

 I also found a necklace kit that the lady at the shop assures me I can do.

We'll see about that!  We get to shop some more when we get to The Attic.  The lady has brought in more of her Anne Hathaway designs and I get the threads and fabric so I can stitch it.

There is a nice buffet available.  I decide to eat instead of stand in line to check out.  I also got some perforated paper in case I mess up what is in my class kit.
It was another fun, full day.


  1. sounds wonderful. Who was the designer teaching the class?

    Barbara in OKC

  2. I attended a retreat last weekend and had a wonderful time as well. Made lots of new stitch friends and really enjoyed myself. It's so nice to be able to attend stitching events.