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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Found It

I finally found the Shepherd's Bush fob that I made the other day.  I changed a few things and like how it turned out.

I still need to make some twisted cording to put around the edge.  I have to decide on what floss to use but I have a few threads hanging that I can tack it down with.  I'd like to finish this up today.

I'd like to finish up the Merry Cox sewing purse today too.  It's so close to being done.

I started the other side of the front of the pomegranate.  I think backstitching around the edge is the next step.

It is supposed to be warm today.  Of course warm is a relative term, especially where I live.  It was warm enough to walk outside this morning (without freezing your you-know-what off).  I'm all mixed up on the days this week.  I know this is Saturday but it feels like the second Sunday of the week.
I am terribly excited about my trip.  I saw on GPA's facebook page where she is already in Williamsburg and kitting the class I'm going to be taking, Elenora's Box.

 I am anticipating that moment when that new complete kit will be put in front of me.  I've heard stories of the well-stocked boutique.  Jackie is bringing so many make-it kits, at least ten different ones.  Can't wait!


  1. What a lovely blessing to attend Jackies class. I so enjoy stitching boxes and `Elenora`s box` looks delightful. I have always wanted to return to Williamsburg to attend at these workshops. Maybe one day! Enjoy. Happy Stitching.

  2. Can you give the link to GPA's facebook page?

  3. Cute fob, and the other projects are coming along nicely.