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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Last Day?

Day Five:
Well, now it is Sunday and my second class.  We had pre-stitching for this class and I have everything done that could be done without the last few supplies from the designer.  There is a part of this class that I don't care for.  We spend  fully half of our class time on the part I don't care about.  But I am a trooper and diligently work on it anyway.  BFF and I are planning on leaving a little early from class.  To get to the airport?  No, this isn't our last day of vacation.  We are going to spend tomorrow in Sedona.  But we have reservations in a nearby (less expensive) town tonight.  We leave class at 2 p.m. and do a favor for a friend.  By the time the favor is done, it is 3:00.  We decide to try and see the Salley Mavor exhibit again.  So we drive out to Chandler Center for the Arts.  The parking should be easier on a Sunday.  Wrong.  There is some sort of concert going on.  We have to park way far away and walk.  We get around to the front of the building - and the doors are locked!  What!?  But then an usher lets us in.  Yes! We can go see the exhibit even with the concert going on.  It is very interesting.  But the highlight for me is this Salley Mavor creation:
The design and hand stitching is fantastic.
 This is Salley's other entry which is very nice as well:
The stitching and design is well done and you can see personality for each rabbit.  I have a couple of Salley Mavor books and have made one of her little fairies.  I got Claire one of her autographed children's books for Christmas last year.  I'm so glad that we got to see the exhibit.
We are now finally on the road to the Sedona area,  I get to check another thing off my list when we get an In 'n Out Burger on the way.  My part of the country doesn't have this chain.
It is dark by the time we get to our hotel.  We've made a few u-turns getting there.  We beg the clerk for a lower level room for me as I can't handle dragging my suitcases up a flight of stairs.  There is no elevator.  She finds me one.  Whew.
Our classes went by in what seems like a blink of an eye.

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