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Friday, November 28, 2014


I had enough time yesterday to finish off the Audrey pillow.

It turned out fine and I haven't forgotten how to make a pillow.

I put a few stitches in the front of the pomegranate.

 I'd like to finish this side off today.
This is the third part.  Here are the other two I have done.

I started the limited edition Just Nan that I got from ABC Stitch Therapy.

 I've made so many errors and had to "reverse stitch" a lot of it.  I told myself that if I got off again I was going to stitch it on a different piece of fabric.  One of the reasons I don't like overdyed fabric is that the holes are smaller and it is limp.  Since I stitch in hand I need a fabric with some oomph to it.  This fabric is the perfect color but I keep making mistakes and that's not fun.  I'm going to try some more and see what happens.
I'm getting excited as I go to Williamsburg in 5 days!  I'm not thinking about Christmas, I'm thinking about Williamsburg!

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