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Monday, December 1, 2014


The bathrooms are clean and the walking is done.  I've got a little extra energy today as I am excited about my trip.  I'm thinking about packing.  I think my sad little beat-up suitcase will make one more trip.  DH pried the handle out as it was stuck down.  That will make things easier.

I got the inside of the needlebook kit by Merry Cox all done.  Yeah!  The inside looks way better than the outside.

Then I worked on the back stitched outlines on the pomegranate.  I didn't get as far as I wanted but there's always today.  Working with metal thread is always a challenge.
I love how the backstitch sparkles.  I wonder if we are going to use the same thread to lace it together.

The weather in Williamsburg is going to be in the mid-fifties all week.  That sounds great!  I can walk (if I get my lazy bum out of bed early enough!).  I'm taking three classes!  I'm so excited.
And the sun is shining!  What more can one ask for?


  1. Your needlebook is beautiful! Love how your pomegranate is looking. The threads are so pretty. I am very excited for you for your trip. Wish you lots of fun. love Annette

  2. The needlebook turned out so pretty.
    The Pomegranate will be fantastic when done!