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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Too Cold

It was too cold to walk outside this morning.  So I went to the Y.  I'm sort of planning to take Christmas off from walking.  We'll have to see what the weather is like that day.
What did I accomplish yesterday?  Well, it doesn't look like much but I am making progress.  I put in a couple more grapes and a bit of the background.  My goal for today is to finish this side of the scissors case.  Five grapes to go.

I picked up Glad Tidings and worked on it a little.  It is slow going since it is partly over-one on 40 count linen.  But it is fun and I think I can finish it before Christmas.

I made one last batch of caramel corn and fudge yesterday.  The bad part of that is I lick the pan.  Yum.
I've spent too much time looking around the internet.  I found a couple of Christmas things that I ended up ordering and they won't even be here by Christmas.  On Etsy (holidayspiritsdecor) there is this kit for little houses that you decorate.  Too cute.  Wouldn't it be fun to decorate one for Claire for (next) Christmas?

Then I found some great cookie molds at a site called cookie molds.  I love this cat/fish one.  Too cute.

You can find anything on the internet.  If you waste enough time.


  1. Your Barbara Jackson ornaments are lovely.

    Barbara in OKC

  2. Cool grapes!
    Glad Tidings is so pretty.
    Love the cat mold.