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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Williamsburg Day One - The Adventure Starts

This adventure starts on Wednesday.  Our goal today is to get to Williamsburg.  I am so good and go walking before I have to go to the airport.  Who knows if I'll be able to walk for the rest of the week?  I've got my ugly purple suitcase which DH and I debated about replacing.  I think it will make one more trip.  I'm not taking an extra bag for candy this time although I am so excited about the boutique.  I meet up with my BFF in Detroit.  We have a chance to catch up before our plane leaves for Richmond, Virginia.  We get to Richmond just fine and go to the car rental place.  The lady tries to scare us into insurance by saying if anything happens to the car they will put the entire cost of the car on my credit card.  But we don't cave.  I have insurance.  They give us the ugliest car they have, a Kia Soul.  It is a milk chocolate color.

Of all the cars we rented this year we like this one the best.  You can see out and there are fewer blind spots.  A big plus is I can see over the steering wheel.  It is very smooth to drive.  We use my handy dandy new GPS and we get to Williamsburg just fine.  It is dark by now and it would have been so much harder to find where we are going without my new "Matilda".  The resort is gated and the speed limit is 25 along a very long and winding road to the main building.  We are so happy to be here.  We go to check in and see Jackie DuPlessis in the lobby.  This is going to be so fun!  Then we see more people we know (Nancy).  There is a big Christmas tree in the lobby with a gingerbread village around it and a train.

 The resort has many buildings.  You get a map to help you get around.  The rooms have four digits and I can never  remember my room number.
Since it is late and we are tired (we both didn't sleep well the night before) we eat in the resort restaurant.  They have salmon (yeah!) and it is very good.  I have a dessert called cheesecake lollies.  It is decadent.  Pieces of cheesecake on sticks coated with chocolate.  Then there are three dipping sauces, chocolate, caramel and strawberry.  Strawberry is the best.

I can't eat them all.

I love my room.

I love my bathroom.

I have a small patio but I never go out on it.  This is going to be great.
Tomorrow morning is our chance to go to Haus Tyrol, a stitching store nearby.


  1. Lovely decor in the lobby. The dessert you had looks fantastic. What fun!
    looking forward to more of your trip. love Annette

  2. Looks like a great time.
    Can't wait to see more.
    Have fun!