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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Williamsburg Trip Day Two - Classes Begin

The Early Bird classes don't start until noon so we have to morning to do other stuff.  I am good - I go walking around the resort.  The rooms are located in buildings like this:

I see water in the distance and walk down to the James River.

 It is colder than I expected here.  I see an abstract painting on a building but when I get closer I realize that it is not abstract at all, it is a fish!

I only get about half my walking done by the time I need to pick up my BFF and head out for breakfast.  I am delighted that it is easy to find egg white things to eat.  We have a big breakfast at McDonald's as we probably won't get lunch.  That's my excuse for ordering two entrees and I'm sticking to it.
We head to Haus of Tyrol.  We have been there once before.  They are a small store but they have some Barbara Jackson (Tristan Brooks) stuff that you can't find anywhere else.  It is always fun to shop at a needlework store.  Both of us find some treasures.

We stop at a nearby drug store for batteries for BFF's light.  We want to get them before class starts.  BFF and I are taking different classes.  I'm in Jackie's and she's in Betsy Morgan's.
We check in with the retreat and get to our first class.  We are so excited.  I see more people that I know.

Then that moment comes when a lovely complete kit is placed in front of me.

Our class is only three hours long so there is a lot to cover.  We learn a new stitch and practice it.  We go through all the directions.  Then Poof! the class is over.  But now everybody is terribly excited because the boutique is going to open at three o'clock.  There is quite a line!

 It is a large room.

Oh my goodness, Jackie has a lot of kits available.  It is fantastic to see all the stuff and to fill up my basket.
 Can you see the tips of my crazy shoes?
 I'm thinking over whether to get some more expensive things.  DH says I can pick something out for Santa to give me for Christmas.  I manage to find a few things.  The line to check out is terribly long.

 It takes an hour to get through the line. At the checkout you can get scrims and special things like GPA pins/beads that match the box we are going to make.  I kind of splurge.
Whew, what a day!  But it is not over yet.  There is a banquet tonight.  We take our stuff back to our rooms to touch it and look at it closer .  Fun.
We go to the banquet and I see more people I recognize.

 The teachers are introduced and a design is given out that was designed by all the teachers (each one had one quarter of a square design).  We also get a tote bags full of Annie's magazines.
What a fun day!  And there's more tomorrow.  How lucky and I?


  1. WOW!!! It must have taken time to go thru the all those baskets at the vendor shop. Super cute shoes:) love Annette

  2. Looks fantastic!
    Can't wait to see what you bring home. :)