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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Eve Eve

I couldn't believe that is was 42 degrees this morning when I went walking.  Wow is that warm for December.  I have a present of chocolate covered cashews under the Christmas tree that DH won't let me dig into until Christmas.  Can't wait!

I worked on the Grapes scissor case but it doesn't look like I did very much.  You would think that couching would be the easiest of the grapes to do but it isn't.  I did it the first time and it looked messy so I took it out and tried again.  It looks better now.   Then there was another part of the leaf to chain stitch.  The next grape should be easy, knock on wood.

Here is the Barbara Jackson ornament I started.

It is fun to work on but all the specialty stitches take time.
It is supposed to snow on Christmas Eve.  That will be kind of cool but only because I don't have to drive anywhere.  Maybe I'll try making some gingerbread today.


  1. Sweet stitch and I truly love her..
    Merry Christmas dear x

  2. Ooo gingerbread. Sounds like the perfect stitching break. And, I have to say, while I understand the principles behind wait-until-Christmas-for-your-chocolate-covered-cashews stand, what kind of meanie puts chocolate-covered cashews under the tree without wrapping them?????? Sheesh. That's just tormenting!

  3. Merry Christmas Amy and once again many thanks got a year visiting your delightful blog, travelling with you in spirit to many classes and I admit, being consumed with envy at sine of the wonderful projects you produce. May you and DH have a wonderfully joyful Christmas and May Santa be very kind to you both.

  4. Those Barbara Jackson ornaments are too pretty.
    Enjoy your cashews!