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Saturday, December 27, 2014

One More

I have only one more grape to go!  I can't believe that I have stitched each grape in a different stitch and they look pretty good.  When I get this grape done I will have finished the front side of the Casket Keepsakes scissors case.  Next will be the leaf.  That will be a challenge.  But for now, one step at a time.  I'm doing detached buttonhole stitch on the lowest grape working over a felt half sphere.

I wanted to explain about my new scissors:

They are scissors just like Mary Corbet's on Needle'n Thread blog.  Bow scissors.  I ordered them from Ernest Wright & Son in Sheffield, England in October with not a lot of hope that they would arrive in time for Christmas.  But they did!  I ordered three different pairs in early August and I'm still waiting for those.  The scissors are very sturdily built and very sharp.  You can tell that they will be good scissors for a long time to come.  I like using them.  I have a pair of fancy dancy French scissors that are very delicate and very light.  But they are so delicate that I think I could break them with my bare hands.  Heaven forbid.  So my new scissors are very much the opposite.

My new threads are from France. Each thread color is a famous artist name. They are overdyed threads.

 Atalie has a website and I have ordered a few things before.  I wanted to try her silk threads so I bought her "temporal soies" to try.  I like to change colors so these will be fun to work with.

 I got the cookie molds in the mail yesterday that I ordered.  I washed them and I hope to try making some cookies today. I got inspired by a blog post on  (Scroll down her blog for a gingerbread recipe)
Happy Saturday!

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