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Friday, December 12, 2014

Williamsburg Trip Day Three - More Classes

It is Friday now and we start two new classes today.  No time for walking this morning as classes start at 8:30.  In our welcome packet are three slips.  One each day for a free gift.  (And if you forgot yours in your room, you have to go back and get it.)  Our first gift is some floss and a small light.  Cool.  It's always fun to get something free.  Our first class is Jackie's September Morning.  Oh, that moment comes again when a whole complete kit is placed in front of us.  But there is a problem.  The Post Office has not delivered one of Jackie's boxes yet.  So we are without our fibers.  But never fear, we can do other stuff.  Jackie teaches us a variation on the joining stitch.

We try this out.  We also go through some of the directions.  Jackie is such a good teacher, she has a treat for us each day.  I'm not sure but I think today's gift was some nifty pins.
The morning flies by and we have two hours for lunch.  BFF and I have a weakness for Pizza Hut's personal pan pizzas.  But first I talk her into going to a French bakery that I found on line.  Thank goodness for my GPS, Matilda.  We get there and they have macarons!  You can get a selection of 6.  So we do.

Uh-Oh, there is a rock store next door and BFF has a weakness for rocks, gems and the like.  So we have to peruse.  Nearby is a Pizza Hut so we indulge.  I'm going on a diet - when I get home.

So now we have to switch gears for our afternoon class, Eleonora's Box. Look at the interesting way she has packaged the kit.

 I love this project.  I bought the extra pins to match.  Giulia Manfredini is an Italian designer and doctor of Nuclear medicine.  She is just delightful and funny.  She tells us the story of the box and the DeRuta pottery.  Our aim over these three days is to get to the point of finishing the front of the scissors case.  I really like the effect of the overdyed floss.  This is fun to work on.  The class time flies by - again.
We are tired by the end of class and don't want to go somewhere for dinner so we eat in the restaurant again.  I think this is the first time I've had two classes in one day.  It's a bit overwhelming but I love it.  I go back to my room and stitch.  It has been another fun day.

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