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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Williamsburg Trip Day Five - The End

How can it be our last day?  Time has gone so fast.  Last day to shop the boutique.  Last day for gifts.  This is what we got today:

In Jackie's class I work on the main box for September morning.  I try to get the backstitch around the edge of one piece all done but it isn't matching up.  The backstitching will be how the box is joined together.  It is hard stitching with thread that is the same color as the linen.  Maybe I'll switch.  I take a break from class and see Betsy Morgan stitching in the hallway.  Oh, she is stitching on a project that will be offered through the Swan Sampler Guild.  I'm a member.  I love it the design.  I'll sign up for this one when it is offered.  Betsy also tells me about a new kit from Jenny Adin-Christie called The Owl and the Pussycat.  I google it to see a picture of what it looks like.  It is a little hard to see but it is like a book cover.

 Too cute.  I send Jenny an email to see if I can get a kit.  She isn't making any more kits until next year but I get my name on the list.
We go to Subway for lunch.  I really like their breakfast sandwich with egg whites.
In the afternoon Giulia goes through the finishing instructions.  BFF and I keep stitching and are the last ones to leave the room.  We can't believe the retreat is over.
The teachers for next year's Williamsburg retreat have written a description of their projects.  Giulia is teaching a half doll and a box.  It is a very special half doll with her arms open and very detailed.  She has one to show us.  We see her drawing of the design of the dress she will wear.  She shows us a silver piece that will be part of a purse the half doll carries that holds a thimble.  BFF and I want to sign up for next year.  There is a bit of discussion as both Jackie and Giulia are planning boxes.  But they are very different kinds of boxes. The teachers don't want them to complete with each other and be offered at the same time.  The powers that be have agreed not to offer them at the same time.  There is also a discount for us if we sign up for next year this weekend.  I love the half doll.  I love Jackie's innovative designs.  I can't help it, I sign up for next year.
 This is Williamsburg's busiest day of the year, the Illumination.  There are thousands of people in town all converging on Williamsburg to see fireworks.  BFF and I aren't going.  We don't like crowds and there is no hope of parking.  We could ride the bus but we decide to skip it. We decide to have one last dinner in the hotel restaurant.  It is not busy as everyone has gone to the Illumination.  I see the dessert the people at the next table get.  I want what she is having.  There is a lot of chocolate involved.
Fabulous. I forgot to show you what we had for dessert last night.  It was a selection of house made ice creams.  Delicious.

We go back to our rooms.  I pack and stitch.  We leave in the morning.  It has been a great retreat.  I can cross another off my bucket list.


  1. Have a lovely trip going home and I look forward to seeing finished projects from this lovely weekend. Happy Stitching.

  2. I loved your retreat posts. This is a retreat I've always wanted to go to - maybe someday. :0) But it was so fun to get to see what you did each day. Thanks so much for sharing! It's great for those of us who couldn't go to be able to get a peek inside what happened.

  3. Hope you had a fantastic time, it always ends too soon, doesn't it?
    You have some great projects to work on.