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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Williamsburg Trip Day Four - Le Yaca

It is now Saturday.  Time is going so fast!  No time for walking again today.  We get our second free gift.
It is a drawer and a pair of scissors.
This is yesterday's gift:

 Then it is time for Jackie's second class.  Yeah! She has gotten her box of fibers.  So we can work on the little triangular thing.  I get mine all stitched.

It is so much fun to finish something.  Our class is shorter today.  We are done at 11 so we can go to a French restaurant, Le Yaca, for lunch.  Nancy and Molly ride with us.  I realize as we are driving that the restaurant is just across the street from the French bakery we went to yesterday.  It is raining.  I think we have the whole restaurant for our group.  This is one of many tables.

We have several choices of entrees but of course, I want the salmon.  It is very good.  Then the dessert!  Wow, they are fabulous.  BFF got this one:

  I get the chocolate thing.
There is a shot glass of vanilla stuff.  I'm not sure what to do with it but I see people pouring it on the top so I do too.  It is very good.  This is a great place to eat.

We get from Le Yaca and it is time for Giulia's class.  Giulia has a  full box of the pottery cameos so we can exchange ours for another if we want.  I can't decide and ask if I can buy another just in case but she says mine will be fine.

I work on getting my scissors case front done.  I'm pretty proud of myself until Grace's friend says, Oh you changed it.  No I didn't.  Well, she tells me the rhodes stitches were supposed to be eyelets and the eyelet stitches were supposed to be rhodes stitches.  Rats, she's right.  Oh well.  I like it anyway.

The back of the scissors case is just unstitched linen.  Not on mine.  I'm going to stitch a design on the back.  I love the needlebook flower design and it will fit on the scissors case back.
Again, BFF and I are too tired to go anywhere else and we eat at the resort restaurant.  They make their own root beer.  I love it.


  1. Thank you for these last few days of showing this time at `Needle Arts Festival` in Williamsburg. I feel that I could join you. Would love to come one year but too far for me. Love your gifts and enjoy what you have stitched. Looks likes a lovely group of ladies. Happy Stiching.

  2. Were Molly and Nancy from Indiana? IF so, then they are stitchers that I met thru EGA. They are wonderful stitchers!


  3. The designs are gorgeous. Your scissor case and needlebook are so incredible. I've enjoyed reading about your trips and seeing your photos.
    You are a great reporter:) love Annette