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Monday, February 29, 2016

A Finish

I finished up the Berry Bandit last night.  The Oscars weren't very distracting and I was able to get it all done.
Here it is all stitched:
I put french knots on some strawberries and on the darker strawberries, I put cross-hatching.  I added a couple of stripes to the bees.
I cut it out and serged the edges:
I sewed up the back seam and a gathering seam at the top:
I stuffed it and made a few adjustments.
I cut out the green wool top and added a few stitches to it.
Voila!  It is done!
 Well, it is almost done.   I would like to make a twisted cord loop for the top.  So actually there is one more part to do.  I don't have enough left over threads to do the cording so I have to go looking.
The bathrooms are clean and the walking (outside!) is done.  We have a winter storm watch beginning tonight so I'll probably go to the Y tomorrow to walk.


  1. Wow such a sweet pretty
    Well done x

  2. That is lovely Amy. You do such beautiful work!

  3. OMG!
    This is so cute.
    Love that big strawberry.