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Saturday, February 13, 2016


I collect waxers.  You know, the ones for coating your thread so that it goes through the linen easier.

I got some goodies in the mail yesterday.  I have been wanting a couple of waxers that have been out for a while.  Since I was ordering some thread, I thought I would finally get them. In my mind I pictured small waxers about the size of a quarter.  I was so surprised when they arrived.  They are way bigger than I imagined.

They are still cute and I will add them to my collection.

Then I happened to run across a couple of waxers that I thought were just beautiful.  They are a lovely light teal color with lots of definition.  I'm not sure what size these are but they are beautiful.  I ordered them yesterday.  (Gable House Goodes)

I collect cookie molds too and I bet I could make some very nice waxers if I had some nice beeswax.  I got these molds a couple years ago and think they would make very cool waxers.

It is terribly cold here but the snow has stopped.

Have a lovely Saturday.


  1. Those waxers are quite pretty. You say you collect them, but do you actually use those lovely things?

  2. Can you tell us where the pea pod waxer came from? Thanks!

  3. They are lovely! I'd be too scared to use them! Wow that's a lot of snow! X

  4. what a unique collection! I would never have thought to collect waxers but now I may need to expand my sewing theme collection! I love cookie cutters too.

  5. You have a beautiful collection of waxers, Amy! I haven't seen anything like them!!