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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hedebo Stick

I finished the flap!  But during the stitching I realized that I had yet another mistake in the backstitching.  Good grief.  So I ended up taking out the brown letter and the green that I started on the right edge.

So here I am today:
I read some of the next lessons and this panel will be on the other side of the needle felt page.
I sewed two of the panels together.  Boy, was it good to feel like I was making headway on this project.

Today Amy Mitten is going to tell me how to use this:
It is a hedebo stick.  I am going to make a button loop on each of the three flaps of the panels I sewed together using the hedebo stick.  I haven't used one before so this is an adventure.

It is much warmer today.  I hope that I can walk outside on Friday and Saturday.


  1. My dear it's really looking so lovely x

  2. It's looking great!
    The stick is interesting.

  3. That is so neat! And beautiful too.

  4. That is so neat! And beautiful too.