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Friday, February 12, 2016

It's Snowing Again

It is snowing again!  We had 9 inches the other day.  It wasn't so bad since it was the light fluffy kind of snow.  We are forecast to get a similar amount today.  I got my walking in at the Y this morning and so I can stay warm and cozy here at home.

I worked on the Quaker Bag.  I interfaced the needlefelt panel and sewed on the pocket and the needlefelt.
So that is done and in the pile of finished parts.

 I backstitched three more parts.

 One of them I finished last night.  It is the inside  front cover of the little notebook.

 I know, it looks just like the inside back cover for the notebook.  I am ready to start the accordion pocket.  It has just one large motif on each side.
I put in a couple birds on the birth announcement.
I found my original start on the trinket box side.  It would be great if I could use this on one of the sides.  It would only take a little more stitching and I could use it.
Back to the grind!


  1. Quaker Bag is coming together beautifully!!

  2. There sure are a lot of parts to the Q Bag!
    It will be beautiful though.