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Sunday, February 7, 2016


I wanted to get all the pieces of the baby quilt sewn together yesterday.  I cut the strips.  I filled the bobbin with white thread.  I started sewing.  I thought I was careful.  Do you see a problem here?
Is that a distress signal when the boats are upside down?  Well, I had to take that row off.
Who needs to pin?  In a perfect world it all fits.  Blocks are the same size, strips are the same size, seam allowances are the same size, it all fits, right?  No.  Again I had to take off another row because it wasn't straight and I ended up way off.  ARGH.  So I pinned and hung my head in shame that I am so lazy that I didn't want to pin.
Now the front is one piece.
It turned out way bigger than I expected.  Whatever.  So now, what to do on the back?  I could just get a big old piece of material for the whole back or I could be creative.  I have more of the sweet "Guess How Much I Love You" fabric that I would like to use.  I just have to figure out how I am going to put it together.
Great news on the Quaker Bag!  Here I was yesterday:
Disgusted and ready to quit. But I am tenacious.  Really.  I have too much done on this sucker to give up.
I did it!!!  Panel three is done!!  There was a lot of stitching on this one.  I'll have to look back on this blog to see when I started it to know how long this took.  I already know the answer:  too long.


  1. Sorry you had to take out a row on the quilt, but it looks nice.
    Congrats on more done on Q Bag.

  2. The Quaker bag looks fantastic!

    Oh dear, upside down sailboats. At least you didn't do my usual quilting trick - sew a row upside down, rip it out, sew it on upside down again (bleah).

  3. Glad you got the quilt fixed. It looks beautiful! WTG on the Quaker panel!

  4. Beautiful fabric and lots of sweet stitching x