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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I Will

I will finish two things today.  One is my book.  I only have less than two hundred IPad pages to read in All the Light We Cannot See.  It is a good book and I didn't want to stop reading it yesterday.

Then I want to totally finish the Quaker Bag.  I stitched together the front cover of the note book.
Note the nifty hand made pencil.
I made some progress on the stitching of the back cover.

I even found the paper pages that go inside.

I folded them and punched a tiny hole so that they can be laced to the front and back covers.

I got my walk in before it started snowing.  The forecasters are still saying six to twelve inches of snow.  Ugh.
I saw the new things that Just Nan is releasing at the Nashville market.  I love 3 out of 4 of them.  One is a little hedgehog.  How cute!  Silver Needle already has my name for the limited edition needlebook thing.  Why do I worry that nothing nifty will come along and then too many nifty things come along?  Silly me.