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Monday, February 8, 2016

Best Tour Ever

I am reminded that the tour I took last year, the Casket Tour of Scotland and England, was sooooo fabulous. Not only did I see an amazing number of 17th century caskets but now I am reaping the benefits.  The only reason I was able to paste stitching onto my casket was because I was on the tour.  I heard Tricia say "once paper is pasted on the back of the stitching, it handles like paper".  Then I heard Marie the bookbinder say "paste, not glue".  At breakfast one day Victoria Laine encouraged me to just do it and answered my questions.  She told me I needed to stretch my linen and apply the paper while it was stretched.  Thank you to Tricia, Marie and Victoria!   Now the top of my casket has Hampton Court on it.

There is much more to do. But now I know I can do it.
I also restretched the top to the trinket box.  I am ready to paste it again.

I started another part of the Quaker Bag.

It is the part that will have a needle felt on it.  I thought it looked easy so that's why I decided to work on it.  So far, so good.  It will have a pocket on it too.

The bathrooms are clean. I walked outside today.  I am tempted to make brownies but so far I've resisted.


  1. The Casket is beautiful.

  2. the casket is coming along beautifully. I guess I didn't know there was a difference in paste and glue.
    the baby's quilt is darling too and his sampler.