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Friday, February 19, 2016

Coming Together

I am tickled with my progress yesterday.  I sewed the spool compartments.  I always wondered how the spools stayed in their compartments.  Now I know.  They fit in very snugly.  They actually don't go in all the way.

I have a box!  I sewed up the sides.  I have to put some roving inside the box before sewing the bag and the top to the box on.

I read through the directions to see how everything else comes together.

I only got the smallest start on the next big motif.

I am getting closer to finishing this thing!
Here is what is left of the pumpkin pie.  It was great.



  1. I've been watching this get stitched up, and quite honestly - I simply could not see what it was, or how it would come together. Which is unusual for me, because I'm normally very good with patterns and 3-D projections. Finally, I begin to 'see' it - Marvelous!! Looking forward to the finish :-)

  2. I have this kit but have not even started it. I love seeing all the pieces come together. At first I didn't eve realize it was the Quaker bag with your beautiful color choices it looks so different. Can't wait to see it all come together

  3. The bag is lookin' good but oh my that pie looks fantastic!
    Coming to Indy this spring?

  4. Oh! The second picture is the right-side-up of the first ... yes? It's looking fantastic! Anxious to see it with the bag in place (yes, greedy me). I know you said you were getting tired of it, but to me it seems you've done this amazingly quickly!

  5. The spool compartment is interesting.
    Great progress.
    The pie looks yummy.