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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Snow Day

It's a snow day here.  All the schools are closed.  There is too much snow to walk outside even though the temperature isn't bad.  DH says that shoveling the snow is like trying to shovel cement.  I'm glad I don't have to do it.
Am I being a lazy bum today?  Sort of.  But I have a huge finish.  I am totally done with the Quaker Bag.  I did it!  Yeah!
So here it is:
It is quite a complex bag.
I finished up the notebook and put it under the hedebo for it.

I sewed on the four buttons.  One button was white.  The buttons look vintage or homemade.
Here are the four sides:

I learned a lot from working this project.  It isn't perfect, there are a ton of mistakes in it as well as a ton of mistakes that I had to fix.
The biggest mistake I tended to make was starting in the wrong place.
I changed the fabric, colors of floss and the silk.  I am happy with how it looks.  I am just not a green person.  I learned that I must use my strongest glasses to be able to see well enough to not make mistakes.  I remember thinking at one point that I wouldn't be able to finish it, it was just too hard.  But I pushed through and keep going.  As with several other Amy Mitten projects, I can't believe I made it.
Now what to work on?


  1. Oh my gosh Amy! I can't believe you finished this so quickly! It's only been a few weeks! You are a stiching MACHINE woman! lol You are my inspiration! Thany you so much for sharing your stitching adventures with all of us! Anita

  2. Amy, it looks wonderful..... you should be proud of your accomplishment!

  3. Wow it's incredible
    It is an engineer work

  4. Congratulations Amy! You did it. And you did it beautifully.

  5. Congratulations on such a beautiful Quaker Bag with the hidden pockets to store stitching needs in. Happy Stitching.

  6. Oh, and I love how you changed the color scheme! I admit I'm not looking forward to stitching over one on that dark green linen. I better stop looking at yours or I will be tempted to switch it up too! hmmmm....

  7. OMG!
    It's finished!!!
    What a great treasure after all of your work.

  8. Your color selections are beautiful and the finished bag is fantastic! You are absolutely amazing that this is completed so fast - congratulations!!

    Sorry but I'm having so much trouble figuring out how all the bits go together - are there actually two layers that sort of zigzag over the bottom of the box part that holds the spools?

  9. Wow it's so beautiful my dear
    Well done x

  10. Now that is a MAJOR accomplishment! Congratulations! You should definitely be proud of yourself. :)

  11. watching you work this Quaker bag was simply amazing. Congratulations on your finish - it's incredible! Hope you enjoy it ! Mel