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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I was vacuuming this morning (don't look so shocked!).  Then I was putting away some things in my curio cabinet and I couldn't find Ophelia's doll.  I had her out to show Claire on FaceTime the other day.

So I was terrified that I had accidentally vacuumed her!  What to do?  I didn't want to but I had to check the vacuum's bag.  I took it out and laid newspaper on the floor and cut it open.  Good grief.  It needed changing anyway.  I couldn't find the doll.  Whew!  I kept looking around the dining room table and finally found it on the floor.  I had never cut open my vacuum's bag before.  I hope to never do it again.  Yuk.

I finished the center part of the panel of the Quaker Bag.

I really want to be done with this.  I started one end panel.

 I have stitched this motif on the first panel and it was a bear to do.  I wanted to be smarter this time around.  Things go better when I work from the center of the motif out.  Mistakes are more apparent.  I worked my way to the center and will work out from there.  I would love to have this motif done today but that is a bit optimistic.  We'll see.

My excitement for yesterday was finally pasting (not gluing) the special paper to the back of the Three Queens.  I couldn't believe that it worked!  I let it dry, took it off the stretcher bars and then cut off some of the excess material on the sides.

 The linen will have to be trimmed again after it is pasted and it dries.  I am embolded!  I want to rip off the top to the trinket box (again) and restretch it without the padding, paste the paper on and put it back on.
I am going to mix up some more paste and paste the special paper to the casket today.
A bit more was done on the birth announcement.

I got to walk outside again.  It was 39 degrees, wow.  I'm enjoying it while I can.


  1. Aww she is so sweet :)
    Beautiful stitching them all x

  2. Glad you did not vacuum the doll. Quaker is looking good and I still love the 3 Queens.

  3. Great projects.
    Glad you found the doll, but yuk on the vacuum bag. lol