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Saturday, February 27, 2016


I worked on Monica's skirt yesterday.  I am almost half done.

It's looking good.  Here are the apron and skirt together.

I finished up the birdie.

Now on to his fruits and flowers and vines.  I was a little worried about the bullion stitches.

 They are tricky.  But I've found you must use the correct needle and then it works out better.
I think this will be done before too long.

I was tickled to get the notification that my Queen's Crown kit has been mailed from Canada.  Yeah!
I also have a special little dolly coming in the mail from England too.  Cool.
I walked outside today. Luckily the whole trail was clear.  It is supposed to warm up later to the 40's.  It is wonderful to have some respite from the winter.  Technically, spring starts in about 22 days.  Where I live, it takes longer to get here.


  1. Beautiful stitching and lovely embroidery
    I love the bird
    Hugs x

  2. The apron and dress are so pretty.
    That little Birdie is too cute. :)