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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lickety Split

Terri said I will be done lickety split and I am hoping she is right!
I made good progress yesterday.  I backstitched the bottom of the bag/top of the box and interfaced it.  Since I didn't follow directions, I was not sure if lacing this piece to my machine stitching would work.  But it did!
Here is what it looks like when you look down into the bag:
Then I slaved to get the rest of the panel stitched.  So I went from this yesterday
to this today:
Done!  It is now ready to be laced to its partner:

When this is laced together I can join it to the bag.  Happy day!  Somebody mentioned that they had a hard time envisioning how this goes together.  I hear you.  I was puzzled by this also.  After reading the directions, I think that the large panel will be joined on one side to this panel and not directly to the bag.  Hopefully, I'll be able to show you that tomorrow.
It is a sunny Sunday.  Our snow is almost all gone and I could walk outside today.