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Thursday, February 11, 2016


I decided to give up on the weaving of white thread behind the writing on the front side of the trinket box. Needle weaving on 40 count linen was too hard.   Just forget it.  So I took out all that I put in and am calling it done!  That means I can stitch the other sides now.

I'm also wondering if I can use my original start for one of the sides.  Maybe.  If I can find it.

I got the needle felt panel done on the Quaker Bag.
This is the needle felt from the kit:
This is what I decided to use:

 I looked over the other pages of charts left to do.  What next?  Well I started the backstitch for the accordion pocket.  There is another panel with lots of stitching on it.  Luckily it isn't huge.  There sure is a lot of work required in this bag.  Putting it together is going to be the easy part.
I found this cute minion pin cushion on Pinterest.

Wouldn't it be fun to make?



  1. Aww minion pin cushion is so sweet
    Beautiful stitches x

  2. It looks good without the weaving.
    I like the blue felt for Q Bag better.
    OMG! What a cute pincushion!

  3. I agree that it looks good without the weaving. The pin cushion is so cute!