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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Let's Finish

I decided that my goal today is to finish the Casket Keepsakes.  I actually have finished the first one.

I made the second drawstring last night while catching up on last week's episode of Downton Abbey.  It turned out pretty well.  Can you see the glint of gold down the middle?

 It had two problems when I was done.  One drawstring had pierced the other so that you couldn't pull the drawstrings tight.  How to fix it?  Well, I thought about cutting one thread and tying it back together.  But I knew that may not work and I might have to make another fingerloop braid.  So instead I tried unknoting one of the drawstrings and taking it out until it was free then threading it back again.  It worked!  I still have a pulled thread to work back into the drawstring.

The other problem was the stitches at the bottom started to come out.  It is not always easy to take a "tiny backstitch to secure".  So I redid my backstitch securely and luckily it worked out.  So now I'm done with the bellows thread winder holder.

On to the pin/needle keep.  I've laced it together and the ribbon is ready to be buttonhole stitched to the edge - over the buttonhole stitch I've already done.  I have to say that Amy Mitten is ingenius when it comes to designing and finishing.  So this part is very near completion.  What does she have in mind for us next?  I can't wait to find out what the Spring Casket Keepsakes are.

It has been snowing all morning.  ARGH.  I didn't go to exercise as there appears to be several inches of greasy snow on the roads.  Everybody around here will be glad to see spring arrive.

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