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Friday, February 7, 2014


I looked some more and finally found my stitching for Along the River James.  My goal is to get the outside back finished.  I have to find a nice font for my initials.  I also have to decide if I want more fish in the water.  Right now I'm leaning toward just getting it finished as charted.

I got a bit more done on Hampton Court.

 It is looking better this time around.  I am realizing that I can sort of fix it as I go along with a stitch here and there.  I sure will be glad if I can get this section done and have it look nice.  I was a good girl and wrapped my hoop.

I finished Summer Flowers.  It looks so sweet!  I found a small tassel for the ruler.

It is very cold here.  We started the day at zero.  How can it be Friday again???


  1. Summer flowers are a good companion in these cold days :-))

  2. I love the sunflowers case.

    Have a nice weekend

  3. Beautiful! Are you willing to say whose design the flowered ruler case is?