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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I saw Dylan yesterday.  We almost always play games but this time we made a collage valentine for his mother.  I ordered the January box from Little Pink Studio and it had lots of bits and pieces for a collage.  Dylan enjoyed making it and using my automatic tape gun.  It's such a handy tool.

I got started on that bargello on the second pocket of  Along the River James and I just couldn't stop!  I am going around the outside with a long arm cross stitch (instead of nun's stitches).  I have to get back to the outside back and get that finished.  The inside will be kind of boring as it is all done in one color.

I have one side of the Rambling Rose purse done and have started the other side.

I did just a bit more on AW 1662.  The linen looks huge after working over one on other projects.  So it is a nice relaxing stitch.
I hope the sun shines on you today.


  1. Love the bargello. I know just what you mean about not being able to stop. It's addicting like that! Stay warm!

  2. The Bargello is so pretty.
    RR is pretty also.