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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Try Try Again

It is hard to get the motivation to work on something that is not turning out like you want.  That is my problem with Hampton Court.  I made myself go back and work on it yesterday.  This is what it looked like second time around:

I am still not happy with it. The angles are better but it looks messy and the lightest color should show through in even little squares.  It doesn't look like it should.  I'm not sure what to do.  I emailed the designer to ask for some advice.  She is busy with commissions and teaching in New Zealand.  I'm tempted to take it out again and do something different.  I hate the thread so I would change to a thread that is more "user friendly".
If I left it, would it blend in and not be noticeable as crappy?
I wonder if I can leave it blank until I figure out what to do and go on to the next step.

So I picked up Along the River James and started the second bargello pocket.

 I had a couple of errors along the way but I've fixed them.  It's fun building it up and seeing how it looks.

DH has made egg salad, time for lunch.

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  1. I'm sure Jenny will get back to you at some point with a handy suggestion Amy - I'd just leave that area for the moment and move on to another element - it is a lovely design and you do such lovely work that I am sure it is just a glitch for you. Along the James River is beautiful - the bargello colours work so well together.