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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Second Thoughts

I am having second thoughts about lawn#2 on Hampton Court.  I think I need to take out the couching stitches.  I think I pulled them too tight.  They are distorting the design.

I started lawns #3 and #4.  They are easy (so far!).  Just satin stitch in three colors.  Then there are angled stitches that will go over the satins.

It doesn't look like I got much done yesterday but I am working on a class project for March.

I was very surprised to get my Sampler and Antique Needlework magazine in the mail yesterday - just one day after getting Just Cross Stitch magazine.  They should have put a more interesting sampler on the front.

They are published by the same company and I thought they came out in alternate months.  Whatever.  Again, I found something in SANQ that I would like to stitch.  This so rarely happens.  It is a bird from an antique booklet.

I have been waiting for The Attic to post the projects that are going to be taught at their seminar in November.  I was considering making The Attic one of my trips this year.  But I have taken one of the three classes already (and I consider this project my favorite all time stitch).  One of the classes I don't care for.  The third class is not really cross stitch but a lot of beads and what looks like eyelets.  I'm having second thoughts about going to this retreat.  So maybe I can go somewhere else?  We'll have to see.

The plans for today are to finish up the stitching for the March class.  I want to work on the caterpillar on Home Sweet Home.  Then I should fix the couching stitches on Hampton Court.
I better get to work.

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  1. Hi Amy
    I'm also having the same thoughts about the Attic Seminar.... I too have done the Friday class and don't care for the other two, so I guess I won't be there! However I am planning a trip to Salty Yarns in June for Betsy Morgan's Edinburgh classes.
    Good to see your progress on the Jamestown pocket.