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Sunday, February 23, 2014


I put two windows in Hampton Court.  They are made of smooth purl.  I still have to run some threads over the metal threads to make a diamond pattern to look like panes of glass.

 Cool.  I''m about have way done with the other wing of the castle.  Slow but sure progress.

I finished off the owl.  I tried to find something else to back the eyes but everything I tried (gold spangles, silver jewelry ring) didn't look right.  So I give up, I'll do it like the pattern says.

I put a quarter in the bottom to make her nice and stable.

She's kind of odd looking but cute.  I may save her for Claire's ornament this Christmas.  But for now she'll hang out in Curio Cabinet #2.

I started one of the Purple Thread kits I got on Friday.  It is a really quick stitch and now I'm ready to put it together on a mini hornbook.  It is a scissors fob.

Then I started the other Purple Thread kit called Mrs. Hughes (as in the housekeeper of Downton Abbey).  It is worked on 40 count.  But it is also a quick stitch.  I think it is a pin cushion and a needlebook.  I am itching to change it just a little.

I got the third band of AW 1662 all done.

I looked at the next band and I don't like that the infinity shape is not symmetrical.  I want to change it in some way.  I have a couple of ideas.  One is to do "A" flower "A" flower, across the row.

Then I went looking for small fish to put in the inside river of Along the River James.

 I worked my way down to it.  So the goal today is to work my way over to the other side.  If I put in several of the border x's everyday, it will get done eventually.

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  1. Great projects!
    Purple Thread has some cute designs.