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Saturday, February 15, 2014


I went back to lawn#2 on Hampton Court and took out the couching stitches.  Then I put them in again trying not to pull so hard.  I am happier with it now.

  I got on a roll and now I am almost done with lawns #3 and #4. I just have to couch down some of the threads.   Yeah!  They look pretty good.

 I really tried to get the over top threads evenly spaced.  What comes next?  Two tall towers.  They are padded with felt and buttonhole stitch is done over the felt.

I picked up Along the River James and put in a few stitches the bargello pockets are done.  Now I have to work on the inside so I have a place to attach the pockets.

 I still have to finish up the back.  I'll keep plugging away.

As you can see, no lawns are visible outside my computer room window.  We are expecting a warm up this week.  It would be nice if the roads were more clear of snow.  It is really hard to see around corners too with the snow piled so high.  It is so nice to see the sun!

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