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Thursday, February 6, 2014


I went looking for Along the River James so I could finish it.  I haven't found it yet.  I found the directions and the finishing kit but I need to find the stitching part.

 Everything got stuck somewhere when we had new windows put in and I have to dig a bit deeper to find it.  The fun thing about looking is you come across stuff you have forgotten about.  I kept saying "I didn't know that I had that".

I made good progress on Summer Flowers.

 It is all stitched and I am sewing it together now.

My little hedebo stitches aren't as even as I would like (story of my life) but they will do.

 I think it is such a sweet holder for a small ruler.  This was kind of a pain to do but turned out nicely.  One is supposed to make a tassel for the ruler.  I'll have to look up some directions for making a tassel.

I got some directional stitches in lawn #2 on Hampton Court.  It is such a small start but at least it is a start.

We had a sub in exercise class today.  We learned a little bit of "Bowka".  It was kind of fun.  Not too hard for my tiny brain and uncoordinated feet!


  1. Your hedebo stitches are beautiful!
    I love finding things I have forgotten about. My studio used to be in my basement. When I moved upstairs I could only take a small part of the stash with me. Now whenever I go downstairs I call it 'shopping'!

  2. Your hedebo looks to me perfect but, it'true that stitchers are never satisfied with their work.......looking for perfection:-)
    Needless to say that I can hardly wait for your finishing ;-))))

  3. Very pretty piece.
    The stitching looks great.
    Your projects amaze me.