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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ready for the Tower

I finished the side wings to Hampton Court.

What's next?  The central tower.  I read over the directions and it doesn't seem too hard.  I have to put in some horizontal lines.  I find using tape measure sticky tape works well.  The top side has inches and the bottom side has centimeters.  I hope to start this today.

I worked my way across the top of the inside of Along the River James.

 I thought I liked boring repetitive stitches.  Not really.  I want to put some fish in the river.  That will be interesting.

I worked on finishing Mrs. Hughes.  ARGH.  First I lost the felt pieces I cut for the ends of the pin cushion.  So I found some more felt.  There is no pattern, it just says cut an arc.  Then I decided that I wanted to use ultrasuede borrowed/leftover from another kit.  I had a time getting it to the right shape.  So now I am trying to sew it on.

 I like this new way of finishing but you have to cut it to fit.  Not easy.

The needlebook calls for a bit of warm and natural padding but I think I want it to be stiffer than that so I'm going to put some file folder paper inside it.  I'd like to finish-finish these today.

I started two new things but I'll show you tomorrow.

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