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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Monday, No, Tuesday

I just can't manage to post on Mondays.  I've started going to exercise class to make sure to get my steps in and then I clean bathrooms until I have to leave to see Dylan.  So for now, no posts on Monday.  Dylan beat me at chess and checkers yesterday.

I was very excited when I saw the next two projects for the Spring Casket Keepsakes.

I love them!  They are flowers.  There is a cornflower tape measure and a carnation with a tiny bag in the middle for holding  a thread winder.  They are darling.  Of course I signed up right away.  The class doesn't start until the first day of spring which is somewhere around March 21.  But, if I read it right, the kit might be here next week.  There looks to be a ton of detached buttonhole stitch for the flower petals.  I would be scared if I hadn't made the mermaid and the winter Keepsakes.  Amy Mittens directions are so good, I know I can do it with no  problem.  I like the challenge of her projects.  They are so very interesting.

I've been feeling guilty about stuff I haven't finished.  Two things especially.  I started a beaded basket but I got stuck on the bottom.

I should go back and just work through and see if I can figure it out or ask a question.  Then I have Along the River James half finished and I should complete it.  I got bogged down trying to change the back.  I should just stitch it and put it together without trying to be cute.  I also have several projects that if I concentrated on them, I could finish them within a day or two.  Like the Summer Flowers, or Rambling Rose.  I worked on Summer Flowers yesterday and got a lot done on the back.

 With just the flap left to do, I could finish this.  Then I took out the offending stitches on Hampton Court.  I need to try again on this one.  I am so afraid of messing it up, it is hard to work on.

I printed out pictures of the classes I am taking this year and taped them to my cabinet.

It is really fun to look at the fun stuff I'm going to be stitching.


  1. I love the idea of an inspiration board for stitching. Maybe I should try that too. It will certainly brighten these drab winter days.

  2. What great projects!
    Love the Coneflower and Carnation project too.

  3. Amy Mitten flowers are absolutely gorgeous.
    I like Summer flowers it a Brightneedle project?